About Newowners

We are trialing Newowners in Toowoomba, Queensland first.  If you are interested in using our platform but you live outside of Toowoomba, please contact us.

Think Outside of the Box

At Newowners we like to think outside of the box and we thought…you know what…wouldn’t it be great if a buyer could connect with a seller without all the barriers and hoops to jump through?  Yes…that would be nice.  Well here it is. Connecting buyers of homes with sellers of homes…simple.

What's'the catch?

Now you ask…well what’s the catch?  How much is it going to cost me?  Well, if you are a buyer, it’s free.  And yes, if you  are a seller it’s free too.   We don’t take any commission fee’s or transaction fee’s or any other hidden fee’s from the buyer or seller…simple.

Where are we at?

We are a new platform and we will continue to evolve as we grow, making sure we are always meeting your needs as buyers and sellers of your homes.  We want to make it super easy and affordable for you to buy and sell your homes…simple.

Stop twiddling your thumbs waiting for buyers to come to you.  Now you can actively search for buyers on our buyers profile page and connect directly with them…simple.  

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