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I have a home for sale, how do I get my home listed on Newowners?

Just fill in the seller profile and we will get in touch to add your home to our platform

I’m a seller, why should I use Newowners?

This is the only free to use site where you can add your home for sale that directly links buyers and sellers.  We are excited to offer you this choice as an alternative to traditional selling methods.

How much does it cost?

The Newowners service is 100% Free for both buyer and seller.  There are no commission fees, listing fees or any hidden fees lying around.

I’m new at buying and have no idea where to start!

Easy, just fill in the buyer profile by telling us what you are looking for in a new home and we will notify you of new homes and you can book inspections and make offers directly with sellers

I want to buy a new home. How do I use newowners to help me find and buy a new home?

Fill in the buyer profile and we will actively search for homes that match your requests. You will then be notified of new homes and then you can book inspections and make offers directly with the seller.

I am a buyer, how do I link with sellers.

Fill in the buyer profile and we will then send you sellers that you can link to and book in inspections and make offers

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